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Couple Therapy

Couples Therapy  
Couple Therapy Forms

Couples Therapy

Doug specializes in couples therapy.  He both teaches and practices Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT).   EFT recognizes that partners get caught in repetitive negative interactional patterns which create powerful negative emotional experience like anger, sadness, isolation and loneliness.   In couples therapy, partners are helped to identify their negative interactional patterns and the negative emotions that are generated by them.  The goal of EFT is to help partners create a healthy strong connection.  Interested couples should call Doug for information or an appointment at 410 268-4072.

Finding the Right Couple Therapist with the Right Approach

When shopping for a therapist to assist you with your relationship,  make sure that you make a wise investment.  Finding the right Couples Therapist with the right approach can be very important when turning for help.  A poorly trained and/or a not very skillful therapist  may cost you the only chance you have at improving your connection with your partner.  Make sure that you make it count.   

Couple Therapy Forms

Below are forms that Doug uses in couple's therapy.  When you click on the form below they will open in Adobe Acrobat and can be printed.  Couples coming for therapy may fill out the forms ahead of time and bring them to the initial appointment if they wish - this is not required.

Pre-Therapy Forms

Couple Screening Form

This form helps screen couples for the appropriateness of therapy and for the approach in therapy

Couple Satisfaction Survey

This form rates the level of satisfaction in various parts of a couples life

Individual Problem Checklist

This form is a survey of individual symptoms and problems. 

Couple Therapy Forms

When We Are Not Getting Along: My Feelings, Thoughts, and Behaviors Checklist

This is a survey of a partner's feelings, thoughts and behaviors when the couple is not getting alone

Understanding Your Negative Cycle

This form helps partners identify their reaction patterns and negative cycles of interactions

Couple Therapy Handouts

Falling in the "Black Hole" of the Negative Cycle

This is a description of what it is like to be caught in negative cycles of interaction

The Couple Who Lost Their Zing

Story about a couple who lost their zesty and sexual feelings

Inappropriate Conflict Management Strategies

Monitor and change your conflict control strategies